Creativity as Therapy

Sometimes in therapy, words seem inadequate to describe what you wish to share.

Sometimes we just don’t have the words that can describe how we are feeling. We find ourselves exploring aspects of ourselves previously unknown to us that require other methods of communication – may be profound emotions and feelings that don’t have words, only images and pictures – the felt sense of ourselves.

‘‘I have found the courage to be strong and feel my emotions, accept my past and learn what was making such a angry dissociated person.’’

Client Testimonial

I use play therapy and drawing and painting if my client is happy to experiment with these mediums. This is definitely NOT about you needing to be an artist, but about getting in contact with deep elements of ourselves, and they can be expressed with toys, sand, colour, shape, and texture. I have a sand tray and various toys (people, animals etc), paper, paints and pens.

An example of toys that are sometimes used during play therapy sessions with Linda Bishopp, trauma specialist in Kent

I also work with mandalas and may ask you to create one outside of the therapy session to bring in for discussion.

When we get used to this type of communication much can be discerned from this way of expressing ourselves. We can communicate with the unconscious mind and learn to register and understand some of the hidden parts of ourselves, which can then become integrated into the conscious mind – all working toward greater wholeness and be a lot of fun too!