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But it blooms anyway.


Jungian Oriented Supervision

Linda Bishopp Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Supervisor, Healer.                                            

MA Psychotherapy, DMS,  Dip. Couns., TFTAlg., Reg MBACP, MCThA, MTHF


I am an integrative counsellor (Diploma in Integrative Counselling) and a Jungian Psychotherapist (MA in Psychotherapy & Healing Practice) and have also been a healer and Reiki Master for many years. I bring these skills to my own client work, and to how I would work with you as your supervisor.

I love working with multi-skilled therapists, including body workers and energy medicine workers, as well as talking therapists. There is a deep soul awareness built into my approach and care is taken to build a safe, respectful relationship with you. I assume an individuation process for your clients and you. In other words, your and your client’s personal development and growth is central.

‘The aim is not to overcome one’s personal psychology, to become perfect, but to become familiar with it. Thus, individuation involves an increasing awareness of one’s unique psychological reality, including personal strength and limitations, and at the same time a deeper appreciation of humanity in general.’ (Sharp in Mathers 2009, p68)

Using depth psychology, we might involve ourselves in any of the following:

  • Elaborating on possible techniques and ways of being with your client,
  • Transference and countertransference between us, and you and your client,
  • Proposing direction and focus to working with your clients,
  • Suggesting therapeutic formulation to better understand your client,
  • Exploring repeated patterns of behaviour, thought and fantasy.

We might explore using:

  • Dreams, daydreaming (active imagination),
  • Mandalas to give visual description to your perceptions,
  • Drawing and painting,
  • Sand tray work (only with face-to-face of course).

These creative processes call into question your client’s unconscious assumptions and fantasies, and your own.

For me it is important that you gradually become more and more confident and autonomous in your therapeutic work, and we become a team working for your clients.


I am happy working face-to-face from my home in Ashford, Kent, or on Zoom.

Fee £65 per 60 minutes, £97.50 for 90 minutes.

Contact Linda on and we can arrange an informal chat.


References: Mathers, D., (2009), Vision and Supervision Jungian and Post-Jungian Perspectives, Routledge, East Sussex.


This is the contract we would sign should we decide to work together: Supervision agreement






Linda Bishopp

MA Psychotherapy, DMS, Dip. Couns.,

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Healer
Founder The Therapists Network

07905 038 378