To blossom, the lotus flower must grow through mud and dirty pond water.

But it blooms anyway.


Supervision and Mentoring

Linda Bishopp Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Supervisor, Healer.                                            

MA Psychotherapy, DMS,  Dip. Couns., TFTAlg., Reg MBACP, MCThA, MTHF


As a therapist I like to think that I work at relational depth. That takes time as trust and the effect of constancy builds. Relational depth means to me: absolute trust, compassion, and empathy, and understanding with another. Sometimes that can be profound, maybe a wordless feeling, and may induce a sense of deep wonder and connection.

Therapeutic relationships for me can exist in a multi-dimensional space i.e. cognitively, emotionally, spiritually (trans-personal), and physically. Its important to recognise that we all occupy these planes even if we do not always speak of them and I believe it is important to include awareness of the wholeness of us in therapeutic exchanges.

A similar process happens in supervision, though it can feel like it takes a lot longer to develop as you see your supervisor once a month rather than weekly for a client, but, however long it takes, it’s a worthwhile investment and an opportunity for personal and professional development for supervisees and supervisors alike. We never want to stop learning, do we?

I have a trusting and loving relationship with my supervisor that is deepening constantly, and from that grounded feeling I welcome the opportunity to create that for others.


Clinical Supervision

For a counsellor or psychotherapist, supervision is an opportunity to review your work so that you can keep working effectively and safely with clients. It gives us a chance to question and review our practices, identify blind spots, and explore dilemmas and seek advice when a client presents with something we have not dealt with before or when we want to try something new.


Non-Clinical Supervision

My supervision qualification means I can supervise other types of therapist and, indeed, anyone who works in a caring relationship with others e.g. social workers, emergency services staff, teachers etc.

There are many different types of therapist and professions who could be enormously helped by having supervision perhaps who have never experienced it, and therefore, may have some erroneous ideas about what it is. The word ‘supervision’ implies that there is a management element in it; that the supervisor will be telling you what to do in a ‘boss-like’ scenario. This is not the case.

Here is a definition of supervision that may provide some insight into this from ‘Practical Supervision’ by Henderson, Holloway & Millar:

‘Supervision is not the same as management, nor is it like direct work with clients, patients or service users. It requires different frames of thought and some new skills. It is consultative, exploratory, and essentially non-judgemental, not ordinarily a time to declare what the supervisee must do. It is a boundaried, purposeful relationship with time limits and defined tasks and responsibilities, which means it is not a friendship. Nevertheless, it is most enabling when all parties relax, enjoy being together and feel free to be fully themselves, whether articulating embarrassing or awkward matters or straightforwardly exchanging information. It is designed to support and enable reflective practice. In ideal circumstances it is a place to ‘play’ in the best sense and loosen knotted thinking and tangled emotions.’

If you are interested in supervision with me please contact me at or 07905 038378.


A Combination, Consultative Session

Linda is the Founder of The Therapists’ Network. She started this 5 years ago, and during that time has mentored numerous therapists of differing disciplines through their start-up journey and beyond with practical help on how to set-up a practice, find clients, market yourself and much more. She is in the unique position of being able to support you emotionally and practically by:

  • As a psychotherapist, counsellor, and healer she can support your well-being as you traverse though building your business – supporting any lack of confidence and panics, and/or personal issues that impinge on you self-actualising and motivating yourself to success
  • As a supervisor, and experienced mentor, she can support you professionally and ethically (and adhere to your professional association’s Code of Practice) and help you to work effectively with clients and manage your therapy practice.

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost £65.00. Contact Linda on for an informal chat.


A few thoughts on the Covid-19 Pandemic

Some of us have had to stop, or reduce, trading during lockdown. We certainly need to be thinking and planning for how we are going to survive this and be looking at strategies for our future therapy practice. A consultative session may be just what you need to work through what you need to do to comply to regulations and plan for our new world as we emerge from lockdown.

Contact Linda on or 07905 038378

See www.therapists’ for more information on how The Therapists’ Network runs.


This is the contract we would sign should we decide to work together: Supervision agreement



‘Working with Linda as a supervisor/mentor has allowed me to have a safe space to explore and expand on my ideas and creativity, as well as being instrumental in clarifying my job title and defining more so where I want to be moving to in my business, with Linda reflecting points back to me. Our sessions have also given me tools to track my business achievements and I look forward to each one. Linda is very intuitive and insightful and having supervision I feel is important to evolving both personally and professionally.’ (Victoria.)

‘I have never had any supervision before and found Linda’s help to steer me in identifying what and how I could expand my practice with clients invaluable. I found that I could openly and comfortably chat to Linda about any difficulties that I had. With Linda’s insight I was able to see more clearly what needed to be done. A task to achieve before our next meeting gave me focus and inspiration to move forward with my therapies that I am passionate about. A big thank you to Linda.’ (Janet)





Linda Bishopp

MA Psychotherapy, DMS, Dip. Couns.,

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Healer
Founder The Therapists Network

07905 038 378