Staff and Management Workshops

For Staff and Management Teams

Sometimes it’s hard to know what kind of intervention to utilise to find solutions for staff problems. You just want to get on with the job, and your staff to do the same, yet other things seem to interfere, for example:

Personal problems e.g. stress, personal trauma, life changes, depression, anxiety
Low morale and motivation
Poor performance – missed deadlines/inefficiency
Staff discord
Poor time-keeping
Lack of communication

Our workshops create an atmosphere and situation completely different from the work environment (even if on your premises) that allow participants space and time to reflect, develop different skills, and be absorbed in a new experience that can allow fresh approaches to old problems, innovative solutions to tire-worn issues and can change focus, mood, motivation and enthusiasm.

Why would you let your staff take time away from their desk?

Reward your staff with an opportunity to experience the novel and unusual, to think ‘without the box’, get involved in an activity that absorbs and takes them away from everyday stresses. They then, in turn, will reward you with refreshed minds, new thinking and ideas, better relationships and solutions to discord, greater enthusiasm and new approaches.

Creativity is often linked to being artistic, but that is not always the case. Whatever you do in life can be enriched by accessing your creative ability – enthusiasm, motivation, risk taking, imagination, improvisation, sociability, open-mindedness, thinking capacity, problem solving and many other traits can be enhanced by becoming more aware of your creative capacity. Think of creativity like a muscle – if you train it then it gets stronger!

Why would you want creative staff?

In uncertain economic conditions you need to recruit staff who not only have the academic qualifications and experience, but also have the capacity to bring new perspectives to the organisation. Creativity can bring new solutions and our workshops can help you identify hidden potential in your existing staff, and help alert management to creative capacity in new and existing staff.

Creative thinkers can come up with innovative solutions; they do not believe in simply doing what they are asked to do but can be proactive in exploring new opportunities. Creative thinkers can anticipate customer needs before the customer does.

You need sharp thinkers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, who are not afraid to give an honest response to management. Of course, you need to create an environment that welcomes this – so perhaps you need to train the managers to think creatively too? Creativity can engender cultural change and give you an organisation ready to meet the demands of a fast changing business landscape. Sometimes we need staff who can take a risk, even if that means failure initially, but who are encouraged to get back up, learn from their mistake, and then go on to succeed.

There are a selection of workshops available. We can be flexible and are happy to talk with you about adapting them to suit your needs. Let us know what issues you have in your team and we will come up with solution focussed workshops designed around creative subjects that can help in addressing those issues.

Linda Bishopp

MA Psychotherapy, DMS, Dip. Couns.,

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Healer
Founder The Therapists Network

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