Soul Work (Intuitive Coaching)

‘‘I feel more trusting of myself and my intuition. I feel I can listen to the spiritual side of myself more comfortably.’’

Client Testimonial

How do we listen to our soul?

That deep part of ourselves that holds our true essence and gives us our values, ethics, beliefs, and deepening understanding of who we truly are. We need to be able to ‘speak’ with and hear that part of ourselves in a noisy, competitive outer world that over stimulates us with input. How do we quieten all this chatter, and the chatter from our conscious mind, our ego existence, to truly hear who we are and what we want so that we can express ourselves with deep authenticity? Linda will work with you on a journey of self-discovery utilising holistic and integrative tools to support you in your growth and transformation.

‘I have found the courage to be strong and feel my emotions, accept my past and learn what was making such a angry dissociated person.’

Client Testimonial

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in touch with more of your authentic self?


And to be able to live the life you were born to live and love?

We can come to a place where we need to find meaning in our lives. So much feels like it just happens to us, especially when we are vulnerable. Sometimes, life events are cataclysmic and disastrous and we don’t understand why this had to happen to us.


How can we make sense of some of this?

Sometimes you may have a mystical or spiritually transformative experience that you need to explore further or can’t fully understand. Whether your questioning comes from your everyday life, your spiritual life, or both, you can develop a more expansive and interconnected sense of your whole self.

We do have all the answers within ourselves. We just need to be able to access those answers. A one-to-one Soul Work session with Linda will start and support your exploration of your deeper self and your search for the sacred.

Our soul rises from our deep unconscious mind – it is through this route that we find our soul; our spirituality; our deeper meaning, and hopefully, some answers to those burning questions. The path is not always easy, sometimes it is painful as we realise and come to understand some of our shadow selves. These uncomfortable issues can rise and give us emotional and/or physical pain, and often, fear and other feelings, that we need to acknowledge face, and work with, to discover the gold of our true essence beneath.

We can have dark dreams, dark images and imaginings that frighten us. This pressure is an uprising message from the depth of our souls to take notice of and to allow the release.

A Soul Work Session flows according to your needs. We start with you and where you are. Linda uses her heart-felt self to sense you to be with you and to allow you to discover this in yourself. 

We may talk, do healing, meditative and reflective practice, dream work, mandala work, and intuitive work; all to understand the symbolic nature of soul communication. Learning the language of the deep unconscious mind takes time and love, self-acceptance and a deep, deep reverence for our connection to the universe.

We are the universe and create it in every moment. Once we tune into who we are then anything is possible!