Online Therapy

Therapy Online – Psychotherapy, Counselling, Healing and Reiki, and Thought Field Therapy are all available online


What is Online Therapy:

Online therapy is a way of obtaining help from a professional therapist without leaving your home.  Instead, the sessions take place online (over the internet). Face to face therapy works very well but sometimes people are not able or do not like to undertake this type of therapy for many varied reasons, such as geographical distance or they enjoy the convenience of being at home for therapy.


How it works:  Once we have agreed to work together online and you have returned an agreement to me and made your payment, I will send you a link to the online software.  We will agree when we are to be in contact.  Usually, it is the same time each week.


Technical Issues:  When dealing with technology, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong and, although this is unusual, it is as well to be prepared. If you were unable to get online please leave me a text or telephone message on 07905 038378 and I would do the same for you on your contact number.


Confidentiality:  Online sessions are bound by the same code of ethics as face-to-face therapy in that both parties agree to keep the details discussed within a session confidential.


Working online is a very secure medium, providing some basics are established before therapy starts. Consideration must be given to the time and situation when you are making contact.  It is not desirable if you are likely to be overlooked or disturbed – so a secure and quiet environment is ideal.


Agreement Form: Before online therapy can begin, we agree when and how it will take place.  It is helpful that we agree with our expectations about the timing of therapy because we have to trust each other to respond when expected.  Please note that to gain the maximum therapeutic benefit, we need to be in regular contact.

Once we have agreed to proceed with online therapy then we will both sign an agreement.



‘Since therapy, I have, with Linda’s invaluable help understood how to save myself. She has taught me methods to use to understand about negative feelings and their impact. I can use those to great effect.’

Client Testimonial

Why do we have to have an agreement?

Online therapy has the same issues as face to face therapy such as the timing of contact, confidentiality, codes of ethics, emergency contacts, etc, and therefore it is good to be transparent and clear about how we can work together. It also has some additional issues like what happens in the case of technical difficulties, security online, making payment etc. Having an agreement makes it clear before we start not only of each other’s expectations and boundaries but provides you with the secure knowledge that, just like in a closed room, your communications are held securely and confidentially.

You can get a copy of the agreements straight to your computer by clicking here:


Private Therapy Contract (Word) Document

Private Therapy Contract (PDF) Document


Once we have established contact I will give you an address for where to send the form.

Guidelines for Emergency Contact:

In the event of an emergency arising whilst you are engaged in online work, I would discuss with you the appropriate support that you could access during this period.

If you found yourself in a major crisis and were considering serious self-harm it would be vital to get immediate help. This could include contacting your GP, or your nearest accident and emergency service (A & E). You could also call the Samaritans on 116 123 or email



Online sessions last for 60 minutes.   If for any reason I have to cancel a session I will aim to provide you with 48 hours notice.  Likewise, I will expect you to give me 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend.  I reserve the right to charge for a missed session where no or insufficient notice is given.  If it is an emergency or a technical issue, we will agree to make contact as soon as the technical issue is resolved and arrange another appointment.


‘I would say I was a bit of a mixed-up jigsaw puzzle before therapy.  I knew bits about my life but for some reason I just couldn’t put them together.  Those bits are all finally slotting into place now.’

Client Testimonial