This exercise is excellent if you are out and about as you can do this unobtrusively by just sitting at a table or leaning against a wall or tree.

Ground your Energy Using the Four Paws Exercise –

  • Have both feet flat on the floor and deepen your breathing
  • Gradually allow your breathing to slow down and become aware of how your breathing moves belly slowing in and out
  • Feel your body calming……………. let your breathing calm your body further
  • Have both hands, palm down, on a solid surface (perhaps a table, desk, or wall) and press your palms down onto the surface
  • Imagine roots like those of an oak tree growing from the soles of your feet, and the palms of your hands, and see the roots growing down and down into the earth until you are deeply rooted and connected to the earth
  • And then as you breathe out imagine that your breath is travelling down your legs and your arms, through your feet and hands and your roots and into the earth below
  • Take your time with this until you can really feel your connection to the planet
  • Keep up the slow breathing down into the earth until your body systems have slowed right down

A Trick for Repetitive Thoughts

Harry Potter fans will understand this straight away. If you have not read or seen Harry Potter look up Professor Dumbledore and his Pensive.

Imagine that you have a Pensive and that you can lift the repetitive thoughts out of your head on the tip of your finger and put them into the Pensive.

Your thoughts dissolve immediately and disappear.