Bereavement and loss


I feel more balanced, brave and able to cope with life in general. My life has been saved

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It is hard to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

There can be so much change in our life when someone close to you dies, and once all the turmoil and preparation for the funeral is over you may suddenly be on your own trying to adjust. It can help to talk it through with someone who understands the range of emotions you may go through, including anger and resentment, as well as the expected grief and sadness. 


Sometimes this can be made even more difficult to deal with if your relationship was not easy or had changed in recent years and unfinished business stays with you. Therapy can support you to acknowledge how you feel and process your emotions.

Facing your own death can be devastating; worrying about any treatments for your illness, drug side effects, as well as facing death itself; leaving loved ones and concerns about how they will cope without you. Perhaps you have spiritual questions, or perhaps you have never considered your own beliefs. It can be a relief to talk things through with someone who is not close to you – so you can say all the things you need to say without worrying about their reaction.



In therapy I’ve learnt how to show love and allow myself to be happy. I learnt to talk and listen, and how to meditate which keeps me calm and grounded when I am struggling.

Client Testimonial


Supportive books:

Death The final Stage of Growth by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

On Grief and Grieving by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler

Mortally Wounded by Michael Kearney MD

Perspectives for Living by Bell Mooney




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