‘I have come to understand that these feelings may indeed one day return, but if they do they will be backed-up with the knowledge that it can pass and that it is not forever.’

Client Testimonial


To feel nervous and mildly anxious about certain things in life is normal.

But sometimes this can get out of control and we can begin to feel overly anxious and stressed about normal life events or even have trouble leaving our home. There are techniques we can learn to help ease this, and over time, to feel more in control.



I feel more balanced, brave and able to cope with life in general. My life has been saved

Client Testimonial


Talking your feelings through and learning strategies to deal with specific stressors can be enormously helpful very quickly, and in the fullness of time, probing deeper into the underlying causes of anxiety and panic attacks can mean that these are no longer part of your life.

I have taught relaxation through visualisation and meditation for many years and often incorporate this into therapy sessions. It is excellent for focusing the mind and relaxing the body, which can help reduce anxiety. Thought Field Therapy is also particularly supportive.

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Daily Exercises to Strengthen the Vagus Nerve for Anxiety


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