Therapies Offered

Jungian Psychotherapy

Jungian psychotherapy is a psycho-therapeutic process developed by Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961), a Swiss psychiatrist.

He was one of the pioneers of modern depth psychology or psychology of the unconscious. The unconscious is that part of the psyche over which the ego (alternatively called the ‘will’) has no control. This is easily seen in habits we cannot break such as addictions, or in autonomous emotional states which “come over us”, causing us to behave in ways we can regret. We often refer to such symptoms as neuroses.

Jung believed that in order to become a whole person, these two aspects of the psyche, ego consciousness and the unconscious, must come together into a harmonious relationship. This is a process he called “individuation”, becoming whole or becoming who you really are.

Everyone has neuroses. Jung saw symptoms or neuroses as profoundly important and purposeful, giving us information about what is happening in the unconscious, which he saw as infinitely more powerful than consciousness. These symptoms are messages from our soul, and by entering into them and paying them appropriate attention, we begin to see what is out of balance in the psyche and how we can consciously become more balanced and whole.





Therefore Jungian psychotherapy is not just looking at the alleviation or eradication of symptoms, although this does occur as part of the process. It also seeks to hear their messages, which usually points to a deeper matter that needs one’s attention. It might point to a lack of spiritual orientation, a search for meaning in life or a failure to develop one’s creative potential.

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.”

-C.G. Jung

“The man at peace with himself contributes an infinite amount of the universe. Attend to your personal and private conflicts and you will be reducing by one millionth millionth the world conflict.”

-C.G. Jung

Spiritual Healing and Reiki

I have been a spiritual healer for the past 30 years, and qualified as a Reiki Master 19 years ago. Being a healer has brought a calm and peacefulness to the way I work, which is very focused and inclusive. I believe that you are best involved in the process and will often speak with you during the session so that you contribute in a conscious way to your healing. This is empowering for you and you will understand much more this way.

Healing is conducted on a couch. You are covered with a blanket so it feels very safe and warm. It is very relaxing and stimulates your bodies’ natural healing tendencies.

I am a member of The Healing Foundation and trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (now The Healing Trust).

‘What I have discovered is that the most powerful healing force in the universe is love, unconditional love. When you work from that level you begin to open up whole vistas of discovery in self-exploration and spiritual transformation. You begin a new level of healing, not just fixing the body, but helping the individual to grow to a whole new understanding of their life and their awareness as a evolving spiritual being.’ Richard Gerber interview (author of Vibrational Medicine).

Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a rapid technique for relief of all kinds of emotional problems. It can treat phobias and traumas and, also, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, feeling blue, acute trauma, anger, guilt, pain and much more.

It involves tapping in certain sequences on the meridians that you will be taught by your therapist and can be used away from the therapy room, giving you support at home.

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