old How Can I Help?

I support people who struggle with some of the issues shown below, however, many people do not have a name for their struggle. They may find something is not working for them or that they carry a nameless discomfort - one without words or that they fight to define.

If your discomfort has become unbearable, then that is the time to speak with me.

I use Jungian Psychotherapy, Integrative Counselling, Spiritual Healing and Reiki to support you.

Discovery call:

There is no charge for an initial 20 - 30 minute phone call for you to discover whether you wish to work with me, and whether you feel I can support you.

Call me on 07905 038378 - please leave a message if I don't answer - I will come back to you.




Bereavement and Loss




I use a combination of the following to create the right support unique to your needs:

Dream Anaylsis

Soul Work

Creativity as Therapy