Some Thoughts on Our Reactions to This Pandemic

Some Thoughts on Our Reactions to This Pandemic, Linda Bishopp MA, DMS, Dip Couns, Reg BACP, MTHF.

So here we are in the middle of the weirdest time that we are likely to experience during our lifetime ...
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working online coronavirus

How I’m finding working online and, on the phone.

Linda Bishopp MA, DMS, Dip Couns, TFT Alg, Reg MBACP, MTHF I have always resisted working online. Maybe I’m a ...
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10 counter-intuitive ways in which we deal with our unexpressed emotions

Ah, emotional repression. The tactic we’re all taught growing up, but loathe to admit we’re engaging in. In a world ...
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Inner Silence for Reducing Pain – Free Meditation

It is possible to help yourself reduce physical pain. Do this meditation daily, the effect is cumulative! Sit or lay ...
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Guided Visualisation, Walk on the Beach

Evocative of a seaside walk, with an opportunity in the quiet part in the middle to commune with our own ...
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