I support people who struggle with some of the issues shown below, however, many people do not have a name for their struggle. They may find something is not working for them or that they carry a nameless discomfort – one without words or that they fight to define.

If your discomfort has become unbearable, then that is the time to speak with me.

I use Jungian Psychotherapy, Integrative Counselling, Spiritual Healing and Reiki to support you.

Discovery call:

There is no charge for an initial 20 – 30 minute phone call for you to discover whether you wish to work with me, and whether you feel I can support you.

Call me on 07905 038378 – please leave a message if I don’t answer – I will come back to you.


‘Therapy has given me the self-confidence I had lost, to resurrect a happy version of myself that I thought was lost in grief and made me realise that trauma and cPTSD can not only be overcome, but that you can learn to thrive again…….to love again.’

Client Testimonial

I use a combination of the following to create the right support unique to your needs:

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Jungian psychotherapy is not just looking at the alleviation or eradication of symptoms, although this does occur as part of the process. It also seeks to hear their messages, which usually points to a deeper matter that needs one’s attention. It might point to a lack of spiritual orientation, a search for meaning in life or a failure to develop one’s creative potential.

Spiritual Healing and Reiki

‘What I have discovered is that the most powerful healing force in the universe is love, unconditional love. When you work from that level you begin to open up whole vistas of discovery in self-exploration and spiritual transformation. You begin a new level of healing, not just fixing the body, but helping the individual to grow to a whole new understanding of their life and their awareness as a evolving spiritual being.’ Richard Gerber interview (author of Vibrational Medicine).

Dream Analysis

Dreams can be a useful way to gain understanding about what is going on in our lives. Dreams offer insight into ourselves that we may otherwise be unaware of, or not have in clear perspective. They often seem obscure and incomprehensible, however, with support from your therapist, much deep meaning and understanding about our true self, desires and needs can be discovered.



A Soul Work Session flows according to your need. We start with you and where you are. Linda uses her heart-felt self to sense you and to be with you and to allow you to discover this in yourself. 

We may talk, do healing, meditative and reflective practice, dream work, mandala work, and intuitive work; all to understand the symbolic nature of soul communication. 

Art and Creativity

Sometimes in therapy words seem inadequate to describe what you wish to share. Sometimes we just don’t have the words that can describe how we are feeling. We find ourselves exploring aspects of ourselves previously unknown to us that require other methods of communication – maybe profound emotions and feelings that don’t have words, only images and pictures – the felt sense of ourselves.

I can support your recovery of the following:


Recognising that you are being or have been abused sometimes is difficult, or at least, hard to admit to yourself, especially if by someone who was supposed to love you...


Anger is a normal response; a tool for survival. It can be powerful and a force to achieve if you are able to use it in a controlled and calm way...


To feel nervous and mildly anxious about certain things in life is normal.  But sometimes this can get out of control and we can begin to feel overly anxious and stressed about normal life events...

Bereavement and Loss

It is hard to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

There can be so much change in our life when someone close to you dies...


I specialise in working with people who are traumatised, though many may not even recognise that they are.  I believe that many of us experience trauma(s) when young, even what may seem to be quite minor traumas, that affect us.


When we feel depressed we can feel no interest or pleasure, have feelings of guilt or low self-worth, hopelessness, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, poor concentration, and find that we don’t enjoy the things that we used to...


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‘I have come to understand that these feelings may indeed one day return, but if they do they will be backed-up with the knowledge that it can pass and that it is not forever.’

Client Testimonial


‘Therapy has given me the self-confidence I had lost, to resurrect a happy version of myself that I thought was lost in grief and made me realise that trauma and cPTSD can not only be overcome, but that you can learn to thrive again…….to love again.’

Client Testimonial


I learnt to give myself permission to feel my emotions, to show my emotions, and to recognise my ‘inner child’ and forgive her.’

Client Testimonial


‘I have better understanding of my feelings and accepting these, and I listen to my body’s signals and using this knowledge to help myself.’

Client Testimonial


I would say I was a bit of a mixed-up jigsaw puzzle before therapy.  I knew bits about my life but for some reason I just couldn’t put them together.  Those bits are all finally slotting into place now..

Client Testimonial

Linda Bishopp

MA Psychotherapy, DMS, Dip. Couns.,

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Healer
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